Specialty Store


The image of store head

The effect of image store in-store 1

The effect of image store in-store 2

Double-door store(50m2±)Image store door head

Double-door store(50m2±)Image store in-store effect

Single door store(50m2±)Image store door head

Single door store(25m2±)Image store in-store effect

1. Rhino family high shelf1

2. Rhino family high shelf2

3. Rhino family high shelf3

4. Transparent high shelf

5. Comprehensive series high shelf

6. Comprehensive middle desk

7. Image wall(big)

8. Image wall(small)

9. Cashier desk(big)

10. Cashier desk (small)

11. Display desk1

12. Display desk2

13. Display desk combination

14. Display stand

15. Light box &POP frame

16. Phone film display props

17.The headset line display props

18. Display LOGO exhibition props

19. Display POP exhibition props